Bornite with Quartz, MM#26


Bornite with Quartz, MM#26, 44mm x 33mm x 30mm, 32.4 grams, Price: $35.00

Surrounded by and blended with quartz crystal clusters are several deposits of crystalline bornite. Here and there in the bornite are flashes of electric blue iridescence and even hints of pink and gold.

Bornite is a sulfate mineral rich in copper. It displays a brown to copper-red color on fresh surfaces, that tarnish to blue and purple. Its striking iridescence gives it the name “peacock copper” or “peacock ore”. Bornite is an important ore of copper, with a copper content of 63%, on average. Crystals are rare and the material is usually found in massive form. These specimens were taken from the Mundo Nuevo Mine, Located in Santiago de Chuco Province, La Libertad Department, Peru.

Metaphysically, bornite opens psychic abilities and inner knowing. It teaches one to trust the intuitive process. Bornite protects against and transmutes negative thoughts. The stone assists in dealing with traumatic situations. In haealing, bornite is said to aid in metabolic imbalances, over-acidity, assimilation of potassium and to alleviate swelling.

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